Create a wardrobe that is authentic to you!

Before you make that next shopping trip that can or will inevitably end up in the donation bin, or lost at the back of your closet. STOP! 

Think about who you are as an individual, your profession; your social status, whether you want to look like the PROFESSIONAL that you are, want that job promotion or simply want to appear credible at all times. 

Then how you package yourself absolutely matters! While maintaining authenticity and comfort!


  • Why can't I just dress the way that makes me comfortable?

    While it is important to feel comfortable, we always have to remember that people see us first and believe they know who we are just by the way we present ourselves

  • Is color really important?

    Absolutely, color not only enhances your best features, wearing the right colors can also help you achieve a younger healthier appearance

  • What is the cost of working personally with an Image Professional?

    It depends on how established the individual is. Image consultant fees could range between $5,000.00 to as much as $10,000 if you require personal shopping and full-out wardrobe planning.